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What happens if I use up all my ranking reports on the first day or first week of my subscription?

Well, you've got two choices. You can either sit tight and wait til the next billing period when you'll have more runs added to your account. Or if you really need to kick off more ranking reports right this minute, you can upgrade your account to a package that has more runs per month.

Are there discounts for purchasing 12 months of service in advance?

Yes, we do offer discounts for purchases of 12 months or longer terms but you'll need to contact a RankHound customer service rep for full details.

I have a RankHound Basic account and can only check rankings for 5 keywords per project but I really need to be able to add 20 - 25 keywords per web site instead of just 5. Is there a way for me to save all 20 or so keywords per website and only check the organic rankings on 5 of those 20 keywords?

No. You must upgrade your account in order to store more keywords than your current account allows. One workaround however, would be to export the first ranking report to Excel and add all of the 20 or so additional keywords to that spreadsheet and save the spreadsheet to your hard drive. That way you'll have a ranking report and all of your keywords in a safe place and if you decide to upgrade your account you can cut-n-paste those keywords into your project and be set.

Why do you guys charge me every 28 days instead of once a month or on the same day each month?

We use PayPal to manage our subscriptions so we can focus on finding out where your site ranks in Google and Bing and do that day in and day out. Because of this, we have to use PayPal's terms for subscription services and they update subscriptions every 28 days.

What happens if I cancel my account after the first month?

Let's assume the following scenario:

  • you bought a RankHound Pro Account, which gives you up to 20 ranking reports per month
  • you decided to cancel after running 15 ranking reports because you lost a few clients and aren't going to need all 20
  • you cancelled your account 2 weeks after signing up

Then the following conditions will result:

  • You will still have the ability to run those remaining 5 ranking reports through the end of the billing period
  • Your account will be downgraded to a RankHound Free Account at the end of the billing period, which allows you to run up to 2 free ranking reports a month
  • You will not lose any of the projects or old ranking reports you created when you had a RankHound Pro Account but you will not be able to run any ranking reports on those sites unless they have 5 or fewer keywords per website

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